Temple Charity

Supporting the charitable work
of the Church of England
in the area of the ancient ecclesiastical parish of
Temple or Holy Cross and Archdeaconry of Bristol

St Mary Redcliffe

For some years St Mary Redcliffe has been preparing for a major new facilities development project. The Church building itself is famous, but it has very little space inside. The Sunday School meets in the Undercroft which it is outgrowing, the Church’s heritage assets are locked away out of sight of the thousands who visit each year, and the parish suffers the same kind of problems and issues of deprivation which affect similar neighbourhoods up and down the country. According to the Vicar, the Reverend Canon Dan Tyndall, the Church has come to learn that “we have to do something if we are really going to live out our vision of singing the song of faith and justice as a thriving inclusive Christian community, a recognised welcoming heritage destination, and a church which makes a difference in the parish”.

Thanks to the generosity of the Charity, the Church has been able to hire consultants to examine its heritage assets, to explore what stories it wants to tell the visitors, and to have a better understanding of how it might work with others to meet some of the needs of those who live in the parish. On top of that, the Church has engaged Purcell, an architectural practice, who have produced a model which begins to define what building may be constructed to bring about this development project.